Journey to the Temple's Inner Waterfall

“I was immediately drawn to Melanie’s painting “Journey to the Temple’s Inner Waterfall”. I first saw a picture of it on Facebook and was even more drawn to it when I saw it in her studio. It spoke to parts of my soul and reminded me of an ancient time. When I brought the painting home it took on an alchemical magical quality. It shifted the whole energy in my home and I was moved to rearrange my living room to find a space that suited the painting. I have it safely up on the wall now and I still think it’s magical. Melanie’s art is medicine. Her paintings reveal themselves to you as you look at them and there are hidden gems to be discovered within them.”

– Taryn


“In 1990 you showed me “Sails” and I was hooked. Sails has remained on my lounge wall from that day and will remain in view as long as I have sight. After 26 years of not seeing your work I am awe-struck by your talent and ability to capture the essence of your piece. It is my opinion that your work is a reflection of your soul and is so deeply personal I am aghast by your ability to capture it and share it with the viewer. I am not an art collector… the way in which you express yourself in your work is mesmerizing.”

– Peter

Namibian Scape

“Dearest Melanie,
I’ve been meaning to say this for months now – that I really LOVE living with your painting! I mean the one that is very central to our lives in our living room – the wild, open scene with it’s hidden delights and surprises. It is central, but not dominating. It is powerful, but not overpowering. If draws my eye, but is never distracting. It soothes and stimulates at the same time. Not just the scene, but the colours and their energy and that very unique magic that is the result of how you have blended it all together. It offers me so much on a daily basis and I am deeply grateful for this.
And now we have a second piece, another wild and peaceful scene in three parts that speaks to me in ways that I don’t always understand. But I love this one just as much. It hangs over our bed and has completed the room for us. Perhaps that is what I am learning most from you and your art – that it can fill in the spaces in me that I didn’t know were there – perhaps because it speaks to my heart and not my head.
Coming to know you over the years and learning about your talent and incredibly intuitive creativity has been a kind of revelation for me. I’ve enjoyed it enormously. Thank you for sharing it all so generously with me, with Robyn and with our boys, in so many big and small ways. And just in case you missed it, I REALLY love living with your painting!”

– Bruce

Ancient One

“When I first saw ‘Flamingo Vlei’, I couldn’t look away. And each time I see it, it comes to life even more – as if Melanie was constantly adding to it making it more and more vivid. Since then I have seen more of her paintings and the effect on me is similar – I find her ability to weave subtle form into abstract paintings absolutely compelling.
I have also enjoyed her photographs. Melanie must have incredible patience and skill to capture the images she has – see the photo called ‘Point of View’ to understand what I mean. It’s uncanny! “

– Mary Netto – Cape Town

Lobola for my Queen

“Looking at Melanie Meyer’s paintings is almost like looking through the canvas. Or perhaps it’s more accurate to say that the canvas functions like a magical window which shows us two worlds: the outside world of nature, undisturbed by humankind, and the inside world of the human psyche, which is so often disturbed. And by drawing these two together Melanie’s work heals – the ripples of human disturbance subside, and a starkly natural peace emerges.”

– Ian Jennings – Lörrach, Germany

Flamingo Vlei

“I have always loved the poetry of Mary Oliver – how she manages to touch the natural world with her words, and at the same time express the essence of our being. At last I have found an artist who visually reaches out in the same way.
Melanie Meyer’s artwork reveals our natural world in all its complex simplicity, while simultaneously reaching deep into my soul.
Melanie’s use of colour, texture, light and shade draw me into her work. Her subtle (and sometimes not so subtle use of images) wakes me into seeing – seeing the intricacy of the whole, seeing the bravery of the distinct, seeing the beauty of ‘seeing more fully’ – of becoming more conscious.
Melanie’s artwork asks me to be still, to sit awhile, to stop, to allow – TO BE. And in the quiet space of being present, I find myself transformed – not in a measurable, left-brained way – but in the translucent ways of the soul.”

– Nikki Clarke – Cape Town