Silk Collection Gallery

These and other exclusive Collections of Silk Art Works have been lovingly created by the Artist, Melanie Meyer, in collaboration with thousands of magical silkworms. Yes!  Silky soft worms!

Each canvas has been touched, crawled and explored all over; each worm gently placed and positioned to create these exquisite and unique works.  Thousands of hours of silkworms patiently spinning directly onto the canvas, creating these delicate images,  while being guided and held, like fragile living paintbrushes, by the artist.

As these soft silky creatures dance across the canvas, Melanie patiently waits…. to observe…… to trust in what appears to be emerging.  As certain areas become denser, leaving areas lighter or golden, the artist(s) explores the art works creative potential and allows expression to become form.  These forms are in keeping with the softness and gentleness of the spinners, the silk worms; a constant creative collaboration occurring between artist and the thousands of spinners she calls her partners and friends.

For more information and to find out more about these exclusive Silk works please contact Melanie