Melanie Meyer as artist and photographer

My work is usually large and unrestricted.  It invites the viewer to become absorbed into the work. Through this process a space is created for self-interpretation and introspection that I hope will inevitably lead to a surprise discovery.

Born to parents who encouraged a childhood of imagination and discovery, my connection with the Earth and all the light and shadows within the Universe have deepened over time and this is the source of my creative energy. These universal, powerful forces inspire my drawings, paintings and sculpture.

I grew up in a small town in the Western Cape, South Africa.  After school I studied Horticulture and Landscape Design in Cape Town. This awakened a sense of bigger purpose to the positive impact architecture and urban design could make to the lives of people. A shift happened and I finally graduated from the University of Cape Town as an Architect. 

After gaining my professional practice license I opened Meyer Architects and loved my work and clients for more than a decade.  While growing and nurturing this exciting architectural practice, I discovered my love for the more creative side of life, discovering that art is an ancient spiritual way of being… the way to connectedness.  A way to live life fully, beyond all fear.  Art became my passion!

I wanted to share this pleasure and beautiful discovery with others.  I studied Bridging Polarities Through Art and then studied further, becoming an Astar Facilitator.  I now work as a Process Art and Light Work Facilitator, and of course, as such, I work too as a fulltime artist.

I am both privileged and humbled by the fact that my art works now hang on the walls of art collectors and buyers from all around the world, including the private art collection of the IMF (International Monetary Fund) in Washington, DC.  I feel truly honored.  

I believe the greatest masterpiece of all is a life well lived.  It has taken me many lifetimes to discover how I wish to live and what is necessary for my inner being to thrive; to be true to my soul. This is my art.

Thank you to the Universe and All within for bringing me home.


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Looking at Melanie Meyer’s paintings is almost like looking through the canvas. Or perhaps it’s more accurate to say that the canvas functions like a magical window which shows us two worlds: the outside world of nature, undisturbed by humankind, and the inside world of the human psyche, which is so often disturbed. And by drawing these two together Melanie’s work heals – the ripples of human disturbance subside, and a starkly natural peace emerges.

Dr Ian Jennings - Lörrach, Germany