Friends and buyers describe me as their mystery artist.

Most of my work contains a hidden image, a shadow or story. This is my way of replicating the surprise you get when you look at a scene and suddenly you see more than you thought was there: a camouflaged insect in the heart of the flower, an illusive figure behind in the shadows or a dancing queen’s reflection.

These “emerging(s)” happen without my planning, without “intentional mark making,” almost as if there is a greater force guiding my soul, my hands and brush.


My photography often holds a hidden story. I like to capture the things that usually go unnoticed, like a tree frog sunken into the bark, or the fairy mouse scene within a blossom, the reflection of myself in the eye of the lion.

The moment I take the shot, I feel both a part of and apart from my subject.

My work is largely unedited. I like to reveal the truth in the colours and shadows, unfettered by visual effects and techniques. I love the surprise and mystery of the story yet unheard, sometimes desperately trying to be told.

“I know artists whose medium is life itself and who express the inexpressible without brush, pencil, chisel or guitar ….

They neither paint nor dance.Their medium is Being.

Whatever their hand touches has increased Life ….

They see and don’t have to draw ….

They are the artists of Being Alive.”

– Frederick Frank –

January 2018 Newsletter Extract:

It has been confirmed! I am extremely honored and grateful to have the privilege of sending my work to Washington DC to hang in the Private Art Collection of the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Thank you to the Universe for this affirmation.

“Waterfalls To Heaven” will be shipped this week and will soon be hanging on the walls in the new IMF’s Head Office.  

….January 2018….

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